Random Paths

The Story So Far

Because we're waaaaay behind on updtaes

Our heros ave had many stops along the strange path fate has set them. They have finally arrived in Ardis, only to find that there is no established Pathfinder Lodge. There is, however, a graveyars on a remote prision island that is dedicated to fallen Pathfinders. There they found Artimis, a Pathfinder lorekeeper who has been charged with maintaining the island’s true purpose: safeguarding unstable artifcats that have been uncovered during the course of other pathfinder’s adventures. The group has been sworn to help Artimus with his work,and Dirk was made an official Pathfinder, so he could take advantage of the organization, with the other members of the party acting as his entorage. since then, they have stopped the invasion of this worl dby an Elder God in the town of Carrion Hill, and defeated a demented, time-warping riverboat. During their travels they have Bickered with rival Pathfinders, righted the messes left by Artur Westlnder, faced off against a preist of the long entombed Whispering Tyrant, and recovered artifacts that could destroy ewntire cities in the wrong hands. Now, they face their biggest challenge: taking Ca-Caw to the Opera



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