Golarion is a world teeming with mysteries. Lost treasures, ancient civilizations, gods who walk among men and men who walk among gods. There are eldritch horrors, and unspeakable abominations lurking in every tomb and cavern. Only one group of people are foolish brave enough to seek out the mysteries and expose them to the bright light of day, to help tame the raw wonders of the world. These few are the proud members of the Pathfinder Scociety.

A hand full of young explorers have been dispatched to attend the Ardis Pathfinder Lodge in Ustalav, so they might find the guidance and skill needed to become immortalized in the Pathfinder Chronicles. Our tale begins with a gathering of four:
  • Talathis Valadil , an elven Paladin of Sarenrae sent by his church to join the pathfinder lodge in Ardis, and give them what holy aid Sarenrae deems necessary.
  • Dirk, a curious young man who until recently, was an intern at the grand lodge in Absalom, but due to an unfortunate incident, has been dispatched to guide “guest lecturer” to the lodge, where he may or may not find suitable lodgings.
  • Originally brought back by a pervious pathfinder expedition, Ca-caw has been touring some of the major pathfinder lodges on the continent. He has been told that there is great need of his wisdom and the might of hig god, the Eye of Abendego, in Ustalav.
  • Demetria, a young Varasian woman who has been told it is her destiny to join with the pathfinders, and was hired to guide the other three to Ardis.

Random Paths

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